Volunteers are a vital part of Food Thing Network.  We have many volunteer opportunities many nights of the week. If you'd like to volunteer, please contact the designated person below so we can get things ready for you. Thanks!

Volunteer reporting details are the dates and times:

Tuesday - starts at 8 PM in Naperville
Dawn Machak dglmachak@sbcglobal.net or 815.744.8455

Thursday - starts at 8 PM in Naperville
Debra Breckenridge 
5brecks@sbcglobal.net or 630.880.2221 Mikhail Rak at 630.802.7536

Friday - starts at 8.30 PM in Lombard
Betty Nordengrin 
bettymarmolejo@sbcglobal.net or 331.725.6150

Saturday - starts at 8 PM in North Aurora
Bob N. 
n9tljn9tlk@gmail.com or 630.687.3491

Volunteer tasks can consist of any or all of your choosing:
- Sorting food
- Delivering Food
- Lifting Boxes
- Signing in Clients

Interested? Questions? Please feel free to contact Christine at 630.698.0099 or newcommunitycounseling@gmail.com